Victorian Diesel Services – Specialists in Fleet Servicing Melbourne

With over 20 years experience, we offer the best in vehicle fleet maintenance

At Victorian Diesel Services, we understand that having a fleet of functional vehicles is essential to the optimum performance of your business and the event of a breakdown can significantly impact your company’s efficiency. With a focus on proactive maintenance, we will maintain your fleet with the aim of preventing major breakdowns – extending the life of your vehicles, saving you money and preventing any major time consuming and expensive overhauls.

Our Fleet Maintenance Service – Getting your fleet back on the road quickly

Our routine servicing and quarterly safety inspections are available for all fleet vehicles. We will diagnose any problems that may arise in future, ensuring repairs can be completed before a major failure. We understand how important each vehicle in your fleet is to the smooth running of your business, so our aim is to prevent any extended and unexpected time off road, keeping your fleet running without disruption. We also offer priority servicing and a quick turnaround on all fleet vehicles, so you can be back on the road and operating at full capacity sooner.

We service all sizes of diesel powered fleets from small fleets to high-end commercial and industrial fleets. Our state of the art facility located in Campbellfield offers the capability for diagnostics, electronics, fuel injection and more – so why go anywhere else? Contact us today to book your fleet in for a scheduled service.

Whether you need a jump start or have overheated your radiator, Victorian Diesel Services is only a phone call away for advice and support when you need it, where ever you are – just give us a call.

Melbourne’s Specialists in Truck and Bus Service

Our highly qualified and experienced technicians have the training and expertise to diagnose and repair your truck or bus concerns. Offering the best in heavy vehicle repairs and maintenance, our services include:

  • Logbook and scheduled servicing
  • Fleet Repairs & Maintenance
  • Routine maintenance
  • Engine overhauls, both major and minor
  • Cooling system service and repair
  • Clutch repairs
  • Brake repairs
  • Fuel system servicing and repairs, including common rail systems
  • Transmission repairs, both manual and automatic
  • Auto electrical diagnosis and repair
  • Inspections – pre purchase, safety and roadworthy – Victorian Diesel Services is a VicRoads Licensed Roadworthy Tester, licensed to offer roadworthy checks heavy vehicles.

Quality workmanship, advice and expertise – we offer the best in vehicle fleet maintenance

Our team of expert mechanics will work to identify faults quickly and fix them efficiently, we will get you back on the road faster! Committed to providing personalised, high quality service it’s easy to see why we have earned our reputation as one Melbourne’s leading fleet servicing teams. Contact us today to book a service or discuss your requirements.