At Victorian Diesel Services, we offer safety inspections at a variety of intervals to suit you and your business.

With safety inspections offered quarterly and annually, as well as VicRoads Roadworthy Inspections, there’s always a safety inspection to suit your vehicle or fleet.


Quarterly and annual inspections

Regular safety inspections are crucial in maintaining the integrity and safety of your fleet. Some safety features, including tyres and braking systems, even affect the fuel efficiency and general reliability of your vehicles. At Victorian Diesel Services, we offer quarterly and annual safety inspections to all makes and models of bus, truck and transporter, to help keep your heavy vehicles in tip-top shape and on the road for longer. For more information or to book a safety inspection, contact us today.


Roadworthy inspections

A roadworthy inspection is a check of the vehicle to ensure that key components have not worn or deteriorated past the point that would make them unsafe for normal road use . A roadworthy check looks at the main safety features of the vehicle, and is not a check of its mechanical reliability or general condition.

Victorian Diesel Services is a VicRoads Licensed Roadworthy Tester, licensed to offer roadworthy checks on heavy vehicles. We specialise in the servicing and repairs for all bus makes and models, including safety checks.

To book a quarterly or annual safety check or roadworthy inspection, contact Victorian Diesel Services today.